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Texas Collection of Indian Arrowheads & Artifacts

Wilson Co. 



Paleo Indian Artifacts 


      Welcome to a Texas collection of Indian Artifacts and arrowheads. This is a  Site to show you Pictures of Indian Artifacts. My hope is that you are able to see the points that interest you from a few different angles and get a feel for how unique each one really is. 

       Each Texas Indian Artifact has a small "thumb nail" picture - That  helps the page to load quicker than the large images. You can  "Click" on the images that interest you and see a shot of the  - front / back / side  and sometimes a picture of me holding it up.  Then use your "Back" Button on your browser to return to the  original page.

      I'm very proud of this collection and enjoy sharing it with you.

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Thank You,

L. T. Crow

New Braunfels, Texas 78130

Day Phone 830 - 629 - 6561


Paleoindian (11,500-8000 years ago)

Early Archaic (8000-4500 years ago)

Middle Archaic (4500-3000 years ago)

Late Archaic and

Transitional Archaic (3000-1300 years ago)

Late Prehistoric (1300-300 years ago)


Wilson County, Texas Click the Map to Enlarge

Wilson County, Texas   

Wilson Co. # 01  Group of Angostura blades 


  Kerr County Texas Click the Map to Enlarge

   Kerr County Texas


  Metates  Tool Page -  Abrading Stone - BoatStone - Spade - Shaft Straightener - Groove  Axe & Metates
  ArtifactsGorget - Necklace -  Shell Pendent -  Incised Stone  - Cane Arrow Shafts & ForeShafts  - Several Bone  Awls  - Moccasin - Waco Sinker.
  ToolsSeveral Guadalupe Tools ( or Guadalupe Biface) and several "Butted Knife"  Biface, ( "Fist Axe"  or  "Kerrville knife")


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I do not know or recommend any Links that may appear below this section.

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